Dream of Fair Horses eBook cover
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I’m thankful to fellow Kiwi horse book author Kate Lattey for saying that this was her favourite pony story – as I don’t recall ever hearing of it before. How fabulous to find that British author Jane Badger has republished this story as an eBook, as it’s long out of print.

If the Taupo Public Library had stocked this Patricia Leitch book, I’m sure I would have devoured it as swiftly as I did Ms Leitch’s ‘Jinny of Finmory’ series which was published later and proved to be so popular.

First printed in 1975, Dream of Fair Horses takes us into Gill Caridia’s world as one of seven children where her hopes of riding in the Horse of the Year show seem as impossible as flying to the moon.

I totally lost myself in this story, despairing with Gill that her dream could ever come true when her family moved so often, and my hopes soaring when she meets old Mr Ramsey, the owner of the most beautiful pony in the world, Perdita.

The escapades of Gill’s eclectic, oddball family add a wonderful depth and ‘oh, gee!’ moments to this story. The literary references weave into interesting and engaging titbits, and the challenges Gill faces creates an emotional journey of the highest of highs and plunging into such lows, you wonder how Gill can overcome them.

Yes, it’s set in the 1970s, but honestly, it’s a timeless story about loving a pony.

I agree with Kate Lattey – this may already be one of my favourite pony stories. I’m looking forward to reading it again very soon.

If you haven’t read Dream of Fair Horses, I urge you to try this wonderful book. I’d love to hear what you think of it.