Lily and the Unicorn King

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Gallop into an exciting new world of warrior unicorns, feuding witches and brave friends!

Lily wants nothing more than to qualify for the Pony Club championship, but her training is in jeopardy from the moment she hears a curious sound under the stars. It reveals an impossible sight: battle-ready unicorns appearing out of thin air.

When the unicorn king asks her to hide his herd from an evil sorceress, she can’t turn her back on the animals in need… Somehow she’ll make time alongside training her pony, school and native herb lessons with her Maori grandmother.

Lily calls on her friends to share the terrifying responsibility. If they fail, their mythical new friends will be forced to fight a deadly war…

Can Lily use her wits and the power of her Maori heritage to preserve the unicorns’ freedom?

Available in eBook, paperback and hardcover

Reader reviews

Magical middle grade adventure
Lily and the Unicorn King is a magical middle grade adventure story that sucks you in from the very first page. Eleven-year-old Lily’s hopes of qualifying for the Pony Club Championships on her pony Rainbow take a back seat when a herd of warrior unicorns show up on her doorstep. Lily is amazed to discover a close connection with the unicorns’ king, the fearless Ambrosius, and when he asks her to help hide the herd, she doesn’t hesitate in accepting the challenge.

With her two best friends, Chloe and Sasha, Lily leads the unicorns to safety. But when their rescue plan goes awry, Lily must draw on her Maori heritage to save the unicorns from the evil witch Abellona.

Kate Gordon has created an enchanting world bursting with believable characters, mythical creatures and valiant unicorns. Lily and the Unicorn King is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves pony stories, magic and adventure.

~ Amanda Wills, author of the Riverdale Pony Stories 

Magical adventures in New Zealand

It is great to see a story set around creatures from European mythology can work so very well in a New Zealand setting, and with Maori mythology and lore. The plot moves along at a good pace, and laced with daring midnight rides. The characters are well written with backstories that are interesting and give them depth, making them more believable and relatable; think overbearing mothers and parents in approaching divorce.

All in all, a great read that will be enjoyed, and more stories to look forward to.

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Written by Kate B. Gordon
Cover illustration by Emma Weakley
Cover design by A to Z Cover Design
New Zealand paperback edition printed by Your Books, Wellington
Published by Relish Books, Wanaka, New Zealand